Wednesday, October 31, 2007 |

Free Calendar From Holland

Get a free calendar from Holland. Click here to fill-up the form. The site is in Dutch, use these translations as your guide:

Achternaam* - Surname (add your Firstname also)
Straat* - Street (address)
nr.* - house (number)
Postcode* - zip code
Plaats* - City (put "Philippines" after your city) -

Click "Verzenden" Send

Free Religious Calendar 2008 (Vatican City):

Just fill up the form in the site to receive your free calendar. Click here
Friday, June 15, 2007 |

Free As A Man Thinketh Book

Get a free copy of As A Man Thinketh, greatest book ever written about how to create the life you want.

Free Tour Package Brochure

Request to receive a free tour package brochure hightlighting and detailing tour packages in China. Included in the kit are details of each of tours, information on creating your own custom tour, important facts and information on China, and much much more! Also get to receive a specially designed Chinese Silk woven handkerchief for free!

Free Complimentary 126MB USB Drive

Subscribe to their catalogue and get to receive a complimentary USB drive.
Tuesday, June 12, 2007 |

Free Women, Skin Health & Beauty Booklet

Request for a free Women, Skin Health and Beauty booklet.

Free Krylon Booklet

Request for a free Krylon booklet. You could choose to get any of the following:
+ Krylon Fusion Color Creations Brochure (K-8469)
+ Krylon 101 Scrapbooking Ideas Booklet (K-8468)

Free New Mexico Vacation Guide

Complete the short form and receive a free New Mexico guide. The Vacation Guide is full of events, contact information for hotels and lodging, feature articles about life in New Mexico, as well as a full-color fold-out Highway Map
Thursday, June 7, 2007 |

Free Complimentary 126MB USB Drive

Subscribe to the catalogue and get to receive a complimentary USB drive.

Free Australia & New Zealand DVDs

Request for a free DVD from Austravel. It contains an introduction to the secret charms of these truely wonderful destinations in Australia and New Zealand.

Free Mouse Mat

Request for a free mouse mat sample from World Mouse Matters.
Wednesday, June 6, 2007 |

Free Breastcancer Booklets

Get more information about breastcancer from this free booklets.

Free Urban Wildlife sticker

Get a free sticker from the National park Service- Urban Wildlife in Alaska.

Free The Engineer Magazine

Get a free sample copy of The Engineer Magazine. This magazine that keeps you ahead of the latest technology developments.

Free Coffee Mug or Low Profile Hat

Complete the survey and you will receive one of the following free gifts of your choice: an Coffee Mug or an Low Profile Hat.

Free Victoria's Secret Catalogue

Get a free catalogue containing lingerie, beauty collections and the most exciting fashion from the world-famous brand.
Monday, June 4, 2007 |

Free Postcard Sampe Kit

Get a free Sample kit by filling out the request form. The Sample kit contains printed postcard samples in a variety of formats, a product and service guide and pricing information.

MJ's Oil Free Gift

Complete the survey to receive a free gift from MJ's Fragrant Oils.

Free Mtb Review Sticker

Sign up for the newsletter to receive a free MtbReview sticker pack.

Free RSI Mouse Pad

Answer the questionnaire and get a free RSI Mouse Pad. The mouse pad is complete with a handy monthly calendar. This is for a limited time only.

Free G4S Magazine

Request for a free printed copy of the most recent copy of the international magazine, G4S.
Saturday, June 2, 2007 |

Free BedRug Sample

Get a free BedRug sample. This BedRug looks and feels like carpet, but it is all rugged plastic.

Free Copy of Grrr! -PETA’s Magazine for Kids

This freebie is available worldwide, the free subscription is only available to the USA however the magazine can also be viewed online. GRRR! Magazine contains articles on animal-friendly musicians, actors, sports stars, stories on kids helping animals and ways you can help.

Free Keychain

Subscribe to the Israel Catalogue and get a free gift.
Friday, June 1, 2007 |

Anointing Oil

Get you free Anointing Oil from Oral Robert Ministries. This anointing oil is simply the instrument, your point of contact, to release your faith to God. Remember that God is the source.

Free Braille Alphabet Card

Get a free Braille Alphabet Card.
This is temporarily out of stock. Check the site again for stocks by July.
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 |

Shell Ferrari Stickers

Shell Ferrari offers new free stickers at the start of every Formula1 season, so you can apply for new free stickers every year. Register and get your free stickers here.

Nike Workout DVD

Get a free copy of Nike Workout DVD feautring Rihanna. Click on the Request Catalogue link at the top most area of the page.


EBibleFellowhip is giving free Bibles, but they only send Bibles to those who most need them and only send one Bible to each household address. Click here if you need a free Bible.

Milk Matters Coloring Book

I already received my free Milk Matters coloring book. Click here to get your free copy.